Help with GROAB

About GROAB in general

The name GROAB derives from the German word Grossanlagenbauprojekte as in major plant engineering and construction projects. In the GROAB database you will find information on projects in the chemical, energy, oil and gas industries – carefully researched and updated by the editors of the technical magazine PROCESS and PROCESS Worldwide. Projects which are currently in the planning or construction phase are at the focus of attention as well as projects that have announced full production capabilities. This helps to gain a proper market overview for the customer. The provided information is updated and extended on a continuous basis. A user-friendly filter function is available in addition to full-text searches. Projects are segmented in 13 categories e.g. plastics, oil/gas or energy in order to faciliate the searching process. Surely, customers can print out the results of their search and save them as a csv data file for use with standard spreadsheet software or simply generate a pdf file of the projects. Premium users have the possibility to save pre-sets and have them sent automatically to their mail account. GROAB is a bilingual database - all entries are provided in English and German. Test here!

About the ordering process

When ordering, it is essential for the following boxes to be filled in correctly: First name, family name, e-mail address, company address. You must also select a subscription option (3 days, 3 months, 12 months standard or 12 months premium) and accept the general terms and conditions. After your order we will get in contact with your concerning your activation as soon as possible. The invoice will be sent to you shortly after you have completed the order. Book now!

About logging in

Pay attention to lower-case and upper-case letters, and make sure that the Caps Lock key is not activated.

About using the database

General search options
Once you have logged on, the full-text search box and world map navigation opens. You can change your viewing settings by swichting from map navigation to normal listing easily. Just click the button "Change view". In the text box, enter a search term that is as precise as possible and click on the "Search for projects" button. The matching projects will then be displayed in a list (listing) or on the map. You can now refine the search by using the Drop Down menu for information boxes e.g. continent or project. When clicking "view options" you can pick which required information shall be listed for you. Once you have started a new search by using the search box, new data will be loaded and unsafed settings are deleted. If you wish to get a deeper insight of the project click the project itself on the listing or the mark on the map. The detailed view of the project will open up and supply extra information on the location, the contracting parties and additional facts on this specific facility and its history.

Filter/mail notification for premium and standard users
Standard customers can save searching options by using pre-sets. These can be reloaded automatically after a session with a log-in has been started. Furthermore, Premium users are entitled to receive automatic mail notifications once new projects are implemented or existing ones have been modified. Follow upcoming instructions if you want to do so:

  1. Click on “safe filters” and pick a random name for your filter.
  2. You have all your filters stored under "My Account". Here, you can tick the different boxes and activate automatically generated mail notifications every time a new project is implemented or an existing is modified. If you delete a pre-set, no more mails will be sent to your address. The same happens if you tick and and subsequently deactivate the notification under "My Account".
  3. Of course, you can also order every single new project or a list of projects within certain amounts of time. Under "My Account" just pick the frequency for the number of lists you request (e.g. every 7, 14, etc. days).

Print and Export
If you would like to work with your search results, you can either save them as a cvs file (for standard spreadsheet programs) or just use the "export" button for a pdf file. The Drop Down menu will lead you through the different steps until the data is stored on your hard disk.

About generating entries
In consultation with Process editors
Project managers and plant engineers can add their own projects to the database themselves. Contact for further information.

Contact in the event of problems

If this advice does not help you solving your problems or if you have any further questions, please send an e-mail to The PROCESS editorial office will be happy to offer advice and assistance.